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Service for weedbrush

At ITM Sales and Services, we believe that rapid and technical support is not only important to keep on competing successfully in the national/international market, but above all for satisfying you as a customer. This is why a team of technicians provides the necessary backup to the weed brush sales network, and ensures the service for the weed-brush machine that you purchased from ITM.

In many countries, everyday countless machines are working to keep millions of square maters of paving weed free. It is therefore normal that problems occasionally arise, and as a local authority or company you want to resolve this as soon as possible. At that moment, a thorough and highly extensive service for a weed brush-machine is crucial. We repair on site and if necessary, we make a replacement machine available to you. We provide you with an estimate of any repair costs in advance, so that you aren’t suddenly faced with unexpected large bills.

However, why wait until a problem with your machine arises? Our aftersales service provides training sessions for your maintenance staff and for machine operators, since a well-maintained machine that is used correctly functions optimally, and has a longer lifespan. Make the most of our weed-brush machine servicing, and let our highly trained mechanics assist you from the outset, both with preventive maintenance and with everyday maintenance activities to your machine. This way, possible problems or failures are limited to a minimum.

Our services are always ready for all of the companies and local authorities that wish to use our servicing for their sweeping and weed-brush machines – we are there for you. Also ensure everything runs smoothly in your fleet of machines for years to come, and make use of our technical service network today.