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Weed brush right


Unwanted greenery has a tendency to overwhelm streets and squares at breakneck speed. However, if you want to avoid chemical weed killers, a weed brush is certainly worth considering. Rotating brushes with steel strips or steel cables keep your paving tidy and slowly sweep the weeds up to the root.

This is the appropriate way for you to tackle weeds in an ecological and swift manner. The weed brush is mounted on the right under the front bumper, and can be fitted with two types of steel brushes, one for removing weeds and one for normal sweeping.


The weed brush that sweeps on the right can easily be installed on any type of sweeping machine. It is relatively compact and possesses an extendable brush arm meaning it can tackle hard-to-reach places effortlessly. It is an ideal machine for dealing with borders, elevations or gutters. Use it in combination with your sweeping machine and your district, shopping centre, amusement park or construction site will always appear weed free!


  • Mounted under the front bumper
  • Powered hydraulically from undercarriage
  • Operated from the cabin
  • Extendable brush arm